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Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

Realy life.


Hello blogger! I'm writing with english version mine today. I can't speak english well, but I will try. So, now I will tell you about what in my mind. I watch a movie, a means and dramatic. In this movie I can take a conclusion, God will always give a manner to us understanding live, although some people feel really live until gone by 10 years, 20 years. Who will know? Simple but so hard. How to understand sincere, carve out.

So many time and memory I have left behind, just for understand how very value every second whom God has given to me and tell that my life so lucky. If love can't make me understand, if love can't make me better, God given me a examination to make me would better. God given me fall from a high position to be continue next level. Although, I must break for long time. Although, I'm confused. You always have manner to make Your servant understand. Honestly, yesterday I couldn't gone back or as uninitiated manner to grateful to live. But now, I get it. I stand here because God let me, because love from God, my familly, and other people. I promise be better. Life is a change, but my breath from God. Yeah I will come back, but with me who be better. Sorry for time which I wasted away. Every time I'm near from life and death. But live a change right? God change me to still live. Because it, I'm not wasted the best time I have. I will use the best of time.

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